down by the Old mill, I

know a few fish.  I met

them after a rainstorm and

they were up using the


Dave, Joe, and Rachael.

we spent a good deal of

time together that day

If I can ever find that

mill again,

I’ll stop in and say

hello: Dave, Joe + Rachail


The SUn caused my favorite

plantsto wilt.  without

waterlovewater they wilt.

I could use some waterlovewater.

I might be wilting.


someone game me a fried pie

to eat.  I guess I looked

hungry to them.  I put friedpie

safely sucked away in a pocket because

I wasn’t hungry yet. later

I got a message on friedpie

a message from a pretty young

girl, and we talked for days. I’m

Falling in love the girl that

sends me messages on friedpie.

All hours of the day we talk on


On ties day I wake hungry, and

find the fried pie offered to me

by the strangers a few days

before.  I eat the fried pie. I eat friedpie.

it still tastes good, and a little like young

girl, and tears.

tall building

At this moment of my life, I

work in a tall office building

I like to stand with a group of

People that stare at the building from

outside,  I often wonder what it

would be like to be in such

a tall building. Then I remember

my lunch break is almost over.



If that is your real name….

you shudder at compliments and

kind words asa whole. as if

to hide behind a shroud.

Can I still tell you your

beautiful if i also say

I’m just saying it so

you’d take your shirt off?