I see you over there


your dress

of fish scales

and strings.


i see you over there

with your socks

of eel


i see you over there

with your hurried exit


i just wanted to say

i like the scales.

they look like snook.

and i like snook.


the flood waters receded, yet my tools were gone.

their captures lost, destroyed.




Pinhole Ilford direct positive paper 30 seconds

Transaction 7:48 AM

I left early that morning to make the transaction.  Some old equipment I needed in exchange for some money he needed.

Im sure I made a good deal, but the guy drank decaf.  should I have trusted him?

This building was the witness.




45 seconds pinhole Ilford direct positive paper.


I forget the first time the chair was broken,

repaired, maybe weakened

the pattern was set.

I broke it again shortly after

and repaired it.

glue, tape, anything to hold it together.


someone else broke it next time.

it wasn’t on purpose.

just another accident.


tape, spit, wire.


It becomes commonplace


screws, nails, and some sold string.



it still looks like a chair,

but isn’t usable.

a shall

a shadow

a reminder of what it was.






my river

i grew up near a river, i guess most of us did

my river was shallow with deep holes scattered through it

these deep holes would hold pretty much

all the fish collected together in them

the fish knew each other

i came to know these fish well

i knew them all we had a great

communiion together


i did eat some though