Author: bw

instant fence

I don’t know where this road takes me, but I know where I should be going.           Polaroid    

I am that frog

A pretty girl showed me a image she took of a snake eating a frog.  The frogs eyes do not show and fear or even concern about the snake latched onto it.   Do frogs eyes show any emotion?   The…

Your sunshine

Your sunshine builds a wall around as if it were building blocks of light, with mustard for the mortar. I like mustard.    


she hides her beauty behind a frown and those all too big pants   she wears her intelligence like a perfume and her humor as a necklace.


I awake early to take the collections of things F my attic out to the curb F the city workers to R   there are many loving memories and thoughts here in the collections of things F my attic that the city workers will…


I see you over there with your dress of fish scales and strings.   i see you over there with your socks of eel   i see you over there with your hurried exit   i just wanted to say…


the flood waters receded, yet my tools were gone. their captures lost, destroyed.     Pinhole Ilford direct positive paper 30 seconds

Transaction 7:48 AM

I left early that morning to make the transaction.  Some old equipment I needed in exchange for some money he needed. Im sure I made a good deal, but the guy drank decaf.  should I have trusted him? This building…


I forget the first time the chair was broken, repaired, maybe weakened the pattern was set. I broke it again shortly after and repaired it. glue, tape, anything to hold it together.   someone else broke it next time. it…