Svema 3 ISO film.

instant fence

I don’t know where this road takes me, but I know where I should be going.









I am that frog

A pretty girl showed me a image she took of a snake eating a frog.  The frogs eyes do not show and fear or even concern about the snake latched onto it.


Do frogs eyes show any emotion?


The frog looks as if nothing is happening.

I try to keep a cloud of disbelief around me.  If I look happy, nobody will know that a snake is current devouring me slowly from the bottom up (or the inside out, in this case).


I think I may go find a frog and ask him about it.


Your sunshine

Your sunshine builds a wall around as if it were building blocks of light, with mustard for the mortar.

I like mustard.




she hides her beauty

behind a frown

and those all too big pants


she wears her intelligence

like a perfume

and her humor as a necklace.


I awake early to take

the collections of
things F my attic

out to the curb F the

city workers to



there are many loving memories and thoughts


in the

collections of things F my attic

that the

city workers will remove


i need more room




and i have not R these

for some time


i wonder if the workers F the city

will laugh at my memories?